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The high-energy view of massive stars

Séminaire exceptionnel le 13 sept 2018 de 11h00 à 12h30

Intervenant : Yaël Nazé

Chercheur qualifié FNRS, Groupe d’Astrophysique des Hautes Energies Université de Liège.

Cette conférence sera donnée à l'IRAP au 9, avenue du Colonel Roche 31400 Toulouse

Salle de conférence Salle de conférence

Thanks to the current generation of X-ray observatories (in particular XMM and Chandra), our knowledge of the high-energy properties of massive stars dramatically changed in the last two decades. The increased sensitivity enabled us to detect stellar populations in full, the large number of dedicated monitorings unveiled unexpected variations with rotation or orbital period, and the advent of high-resolution spectroscopy revealed the hot plasma properties in great detail. In this seminar, I propose to review the constraints on stellar physics achieved for single stars, magnetic stars, and binaries.

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