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International laboratories and international research networks

The Midi-Pyrenees Observatory is investing in 15 international laboratories or research groups. This is being made possible by the IRD and the CNRS who are offering to finance these cooperation tools: the LIA (International associated laboratory) and GDRI (International research group) of the CNRS and the LMI (Mixed international laboratory) of the IRD. These tools are often attached to ongoing observation services and educative and thesis joint supervision actions.

Europe & Mediterranean

Co-Direction du GDRI CARWETSIB II Etude du cycle de l'eau, du carbone et des éléments associés dans les zones humides sibériennes (2009-2018). Unités impliquées : GET, ECOLAB, LEGOS, UMS 831. Terrain d'étude : Sibérie, Russie.

Co-Direction du LMI TREMA Télédétection et Ressources en Eau en Méditerranée semi-Aride (2011-2020). Laboratoire impliqué : CESBIO. Terrains d'étude : Maroc.

Participation au LIA O-LIFE Observatoire Libano-Français de l'Environnement: un observatoire de la zone critique entre la France et le Liban (2015-2019). Laboratoires impliqués : CESBIO, EcoLab.

Co-Direction du GDRI HP Helio Plasmas (2015-2018). Laboratoire impliqué : IRAP.

North America

Participation in the GDRI iCEINT International Consortium for the Environmental Implication of Nanotechnology (2015-2019). Laboratory involved: EcoLab.

Participation in the GDRI EFF Environmental Forcing on Freshwater Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (2015-2019). Laboratory involved: EcoLab. Fields of study: Canada, USA.


Participation in the LMI ECLAIRS Study of the West African Climate and of its Interaction with the Regional Environment and Society (2014-2017). Laboratories involved LA, LEGOS, GET. Fields of study: Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal.

Participation in the GDRI ARSAIO Atmospheric Research in Southern Africa and Indian Ocean (2015-2018). Laboratory involved: LA. Field of study: South Africa.

Joint management of the LMI NAILA Management of water resources in Tunisian rural environments (2016-2021). Laboratory involved: CESBIO. Field of study: Tunisia.

South America

Joint management of the LMI OCE Environmental Changes Observatory (2014-2018). Laboratories involved GET, LEGOS. Field of study: Brazil.

Joint management of the LMI COPEDIM Copper and Pediment (2012-2016). Laboratory involved: GET. Fields of study: Chile, Peru.


Joint management of the LMI IFCWS Indo French Cell for Water Sciences (2014-2018). Laboratories involved GET, LEGOS, CESBIO, LA. Field of study: India.

Participation in the LMI LUSES Impact of changes in the use of land on the ecosystemic services provided by the soils (2012-2016). Laboratory involved: GET. Fields of study: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam.

Participation in the LIA D3E From Deep Earth to Extreme Events (2016-2020). Laboratories involved IRAP, LA, GET. Field of study: Taiwan.

Joint management of the LMI HILO Hanoi International Laboratory of Oceanography (2014-2018). Laboratory involved: LEGOS. Field of study: Vietnam.

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