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The research field of OMP ranges from the Big Bang to the inside of the Earth. We address such enthralling issues as the origins and evolution of the Universe and Solar system planets, or the past of our planet as seen from its current workings. Such studies are backed by strong skills in physics, chemistry and biology, and carried out through observation, experimentation, instrumentation and modelling. The use of space-research tools is one of the strong points of OMP, as well as its ability to maintain and develop a variety of observation services endorsed by INSU.

OMP also investigates key social issues such as the impact of man’s actions on the planet (climate change, atmosphere and ground pollution, evolution of the oceans, etc.), natural hazards (earthquakes, floods, etc.), and the storage of acid gases (CO2, H2S) and nuclear waste. In this field, we pursue an original strategy of cooperation with laboratories dedicated to the Humanities and Social Sciences. The tutelage of IRD allows for strong partnerships with South America, Africa, and Asia.

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Main research topics:

  • Origin and evolution of the Universe and Solar system planets
  • Functioning of the Earth’s fluid envelopes
  • Dynamics and evolution of solid Earth
  • Water, ground and ecosystems
  • Evolution of our planet under man’s impact
  • Natural hazards
  • Research for development

Specific instrument development and use:

  • Space missions and techniques
  • Numerical modelling
  • Novel instruments for observing the Earth and the Universe
  • Space- and environment-related databases
  • Laboratory experimentation

Cross-cutting actions

OMP leads 7 AST ("Actions scientifiques transverses", or cross-cutting scientific actions) designed to consolidate mutual tools, strengthen the major themes of OMP, and accompany new and original actions uniting UMRs.

Regional presence

  • Competitiveness cluster and RTRA STAE (Réseau thématique de Recherche avancée "Sciences et Technologies pour l'Aéronautique et l'Espace"): a thematic network for advanced research in aeronautics and space
  • TVE ("Terre vivante et Espace")

Worldwide presence

  • Cooperation with major international agencies
  • International observation campaigns
  • Joint international laboratories
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