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Data analysis and processing

The action "Analyse et traitement de données" brings together students, researchers and engineers from OMP and Météo-France, in a cross-disciplinary approach to the analysis and processing of data in the science of space and the Universe.

In addition to observation methods (crucial to the study of the oceans, atmosphere, sky and land), specific developments require skills bridging computer science, signal and image processing, applied mathematics and numerical analysis. The question of information processing often arises at the earliest stages of instrument design (definition, goals, expected performance). Developing methods and tools for the analysis and processing of data has therefore become a key issue for future implements, far beyond mere technology.

This cross-cutting action mainly seeks to:

  • remediate the isolation of some researchers and engineers in OMP laboratories where data analysis and processing is not structured as a team;
  • share our scientific, as well as technical, knowledge;
  • share our thematic knowledge in order to understand the great issues and challenges of other disciplines;
  • initiate and train researchers (both young and senior) to the concepts, methods and tools of data analysis and processing, and organize events such as meetings and symposia;
  • help organize and finalize researches, mainly through software development and possibly industrial partnerships.

Les activités de l'axe transverse


06 juin 2014 - Valorisation des données obtenues par forage scientifique dans les océans

07 juillet 2014 -  Système d'équations non linéaires de Boussinesq, symétries et solutions exactes 

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