LA (Laboratoire d’Aérologie)

Logo du laboratoire d'Aérologie

LA - UMR 5560 | CNRS - UPS Toulouse III

14 avenue Edouard Belin 31400 Toulouse
 Tel : 33 (0) 561 332 767 - Fax : 33 (0) 561 332 790

Director : Frank Roux

The Aerology Laboratory is dedicated to observing, modelling and understanding the dynamic and physicochemical processes that shape the evolution of the atmosphere and coastal oceans. In addition to the main premises at OMP Toulouse, the Centre de Recherches atmosphériques (CRA), at Campistrous near Lannemezan, hosts an array of atmosphere measurement instruments (ground stations, instrumented tower, wind profilers, weather radars, radiometers).

The staff comprises 38 permanent researchers (CNAP, CNRS, UPS), 33 engineers/technicians/administrative agents (CNRS, UPS), 10 postdoctoral fellows, and 15 PhD students.

Thematic research


Dynamics and physics of the troposphere

Planetary boundary layer, precipitation systems, electric activity, medium-scale atmospheric flows

Physicochemistry of the troposphere

Biosphere-atmosphere interactions, heterogeneous chemistry, aerosols, pollution, cycle of ozone and its precursors

Coastal oceanography

Study of dynamic processes, relations with biogeochemistry and ocean-atmosphere coupling

Instruments de mesure
instrument au Pic du Midi

INSU-endorsed observation services

  • IDAF (study of wet and dry depositions in Africa)
  • MOZAIC-IAGOS (measurement of ozone and water vapour by Airbus in-service aircraft)
  • PAES (synoptic-scale atmospheric pollution)

INSU-endorsed service tasks (tâches de service)

Radar VHF (Very High Frequence)


A non-hydrostatic model simulating mesoscale atmospheric flows (in collaboration with Météo-France CNRM).


A numerical coastal oceanography model covering a little-explored field between deep-sea and littoral-zone studies (in collaboration with LEGOS).

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