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LAFARA (Laboratoire de Mesure des Faibles Radioactivités)


Located at Ferrières in the Pyrénées (about 100 km from Toulouse), this is an underground laboratory, where two gamma spectrometers are shielded from cosmic rays by a 85-m-thick layer of rock. The resulting background noise is particularly low, so that the very feeble radioactivity of the samples can be detected.

Gamma-ray emitters, both natural and artificial, are thus analyzed: 226Ra, 228Ra, 210Pb,234Th, 228Th, 7Be, 40K, 137Cs, 134Cs, 241Am, 60Co, 131I. This is where researchers from the OMP (LEGOS, GET, EcoLab) analyze their samples of sea water, particles and sediments (dating, tracking of water masses, etc.). Access is also granted to other laboratories and manufacturers willing to measure the radioactivity levels of their products. LAFARA is part of CELLAR, a European network of underground laboratories.

Localisation : Ferrières-sur-Ariège (Ariège), sud de Foix

Structure de rattachement :OMP

Responsable: VAN BEEK Pieter

Adresse : LEGOS, OMP, 14 avenue Edouard Belin 31400 Toulouse

Tél/@ : 05-61-33-30-51 /

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