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Space instrumentation service


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IRAP (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie) provides space programs with a set of technical rooms and high-level devices for the development, integration and calibration of instruments designed to be embarked aboard space-based observatories or missions exploring the Earth’s environment and the Solar system. This platform supports the fast-growing space activities of IRAP, which call for the development of new sensors and their calibration in vacuum chambers under radiation of charged particles and/or photons. The increasing miniaturization of electronic components and the need for flawless sensors command the use of clean rooms to avoid biological contamination, thus protecting the target planets.

The IRAP is defined and recognized as a space instrumentation laboratory. Its missions are: to design and build devices, both ground-based and embarked on satellites, rovers or stratospheric balloons; to process the data from said missions; to develop and maintain open databases.

New space missions involve a great amount of sensors (up to 10,000 for the French-Chinese astrophysics experience ECLAIRs), which demand to be tested by reliable automatic means, in absolute darkness and extreme temperature ranges, thus requiring custom-made premises to be built.

Designed to meet the latest quality standards of space agencies, IRAP’s new technical implements include a calibration bench for plasma spectrometry and X-/gamma-/UV-ray sensors.

The total 368-m2 work area comprises 300 m2 of clean rooms and 68 m2 of offices.

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Responsable : GIARD Martin

Adresse : 9, avenue du Colonel Roche BP 44346 31028 Toulouse Cedex 4

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