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P2OA (Plateforme pyrénéenne d’Observations atmosphériques)

CRA (copyright S. Chastanet OMP-UPS)


OMP operates two sites devoted to the study of the atmosphere through observation and experimentation: the CRA (Centre de Recherches atmosphériques) near Lannemezan – 70 ha (173 ac) of land, 588 m above sea-level – and the Pic du Midi – 28 km from the CRA at 2,877 m (9,438 ft) altitude. With their staff of scientists and technicians, as well as their extensive infrastructures and facilities, these two sites have been home to observations in meteorology, atmospheric chemistry and electricity for several decades.

The P2OA double platform pursues three main missions:

  • Continuous observation of atmospheric parameters;
  • Hosting experimental campaigns;
  • On-site training.

The P2OA website offers a detailed overview of the platform, with access to observation data from both sites.

Localisation :Centre de Recherches Atmosphériques (CRA - Plateau de Lannemezan , Commune de Campistrous) et Pic du Midi de Bigorre

Structure de rattachement : Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées

Responsables :

  • LOHOU Fabienne

Adresse : 8 route de Lannemezan, 65300 Campistrous

Tél/@ : 05 62 40 61 00 /

  • GHEUSI François

Adresse : Laboratoire d’Aérologie, OMP

14 Avenue Edouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse

Tél/@ : 05 61 33 27 61/

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