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PMFE (Plateforme de Mécanique des Fluides environnementale)

Hall IMFT (copyright S. Chastanet OMP/UPS)

This is a platform for experimentation on the flows which occur in a great variety of environmental issues (whether in drainage basins, rivers, coasts, oceans, or the atmosphere), and their interactions with the living environment. The three laboratories (two of which are air-conditioned) cover a combined floor area of more than 1,000 m2, with underground tanks for storage, preparation and circulation.

Système expérimental simulant l'érosion d'une falaise par la houle - Copyright S. Chastanet OMP/UPS

The platform is designed to accommodate large-scale high-precision hydraulic equipments (long water flume, tilting channel, mesocosm with inert or biological substrate, wave flume), as well as smaller, more specialized devices. All feature specially designed powerful diagnostic tools (PIV, PLIF, ADV, etc.). These experimental tools are complemented by high-performance numerical simulation tools (DNS, LES, Saint-Venant).

Localisation : IMFT, Allée du professeur Camille Soula 31400 TOULOUSE

Structure de rattachement :Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT)

Responsable: Eiff, Olivier

Adresse : IMFT, allée du Prof C. Soula - 31400 Toulouse

Tél/@ : 05 34 32 28 42

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